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The project

This project contains information about Fr. Leo Dehon, the Congregation, and the Dehonian Family. This information is presented in a nearly identical format in seven languages.

The importance given to the multilingual character has led us to make use of the material already translated in some of these languages. All the texts have been revised. Because of the quantity of material, however, it is inevitable that some mistakes have slipped through in one place or another. We beg your indulgence for that.

Do not expect a complete pictorial biography of Leo Dehon. The scope of our project is more modest in that we simply wanted to make what already exists in several sources more available [to a larger audience].

For the translations we have been helped by a number of our confreres and friends in Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Venezuela, Luxembourg, and Germany. We are very grateful to them.

Any of your recommendations or suggestions are welcome.

Fr. Stefan Tertünte, S.C.J.